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The problem with most of asynchronous motors is a significant force on the starting currents, strong vibrations during operation, high power consumption. Many induction motors, especially second-hand, becoming a source of excessive noise. Development of Russian experts - winding "Slavyanka" - helps to cope with all these difficulties. New winding scheme has been made possible thanks to the scrupulous study and analysis on the electromagnetic fields generated by certain parts of the engine. Innovation combined stator winding type "Slavyanka" allow to achieve the parameters of asynchronous motors, previously unimaginable without replacing vsegoustroystva a more modern and expensive model, as well as without the use of a frequency modulating actuators.



Practical advantages of the use of "Slav" winding:

● The engine is equipped with an innovative winding "Slav", can work

both continuous (S1), and intermittent (S3) modes. ● The value of the motor starting current is reduced by 35%, and exactly the same amount increased its minimum point.

● Reduced installation and vibration as a result - reduced noise level (an average of 5 dB).

● Average load with which the engine is running, increases substantially, respectively, increases efficiency.

● The amount of overload at nominal current and voltage (the service factor) - 2.5.

● More stable operation of the induction motor has a positive effect on reducing the number of breakdowns and extend machine life.

● An increase of 20% of the maximum current is expanding the scope of small motors, as well as reduces power losses.

● Total energy savings after the installation of "Slav" winding may range from 5% to 15%, depending on the operating mode in which it operates propulsion.

Up to four-fifths of the total electricity generated in the world is consumed by electric motors. Needless to say that the problem of saving electricity is through the introduction of more efficient motors is very serious everywhere? Here are just solved this problem in different countries in different ways. For example, the European Union went on his favorite way - top-down standardization. All enterprises prescribed since 2011 to go with the energy efficiency class of motors is not lower than IE2, c 2015 - Electric motors with power from 7.5 to 375 kW, in addition to models with an adjustable frequency drive, to transfer to IE3. A 2017 move to standard IE3 any settings ranging from 0.75 to 375 kW. That is, we are talking about almost all major types of engines.

Russian way of improving energy efficiency - significantly less expensive. Original "Slavyanka" winding design allows modernize existing in the production of induction motors, and to do so quickly enough, the regular scheduled maintenance. Upgrades are subject to all model series offers capacities from 1.1 to 250 kW. In this connection dimensions ustanovochno- engines with a new coil will comply with GOST P 51689, and the energy efficiency class - IE2 International standard IEC 60034-30. It is also a good result gives rewind combined stator winding of synchronous generators. This increases their electrical power.

It does not matter whether you use electric machines for wind power plants, hydroelectric power plants, mining operation, or somewhere else. Upgrade winding "Slavyanka" can be any of them. Scope reliable engines with asynchronous drive in Russia in recent years, rapidly expanding, respectively, to increase their energy demand will continue to grow. The use of "Slavyanka" allows to increase engine efficiency, reduce their weight and costs.


Engine Specifications:

● Suitable for operation at any altitude up to 1.2 km above sea level.

● Withstands air dust content of up to 1.3 g / m3.

● Has the degree of protection IP53 and IP54 (enclosure protection against solid particles up to 2.5 and 1 mm, respectively) in accordance with GOST 17494.

● Power from 0.18 to 250 kW.

● Can be used on building construction cranes, the courts with autonomous power plants with vibrations up to 30 Hz and a maximum amplitude of acceleration up to 0,5g (group mechanical performance M3 GOST 17516).

● Type of cooling: External fan located on the machine shaft (IC0141 according to GOST 20459).

● Insulation resistance to temperatures up to 155 or 180 degrees Celsius (temperature class F and H according to GOST 8865).

Testing of asynchronous motors is equipped with an innovative winding "Slav", showed impressive results. Plants were kept for a long time increase in the frequency of 20% above nominal. They normally worked with 30 start-ups per hour and 200 start-ups per day. This strong performance has been demonstrated, and when the alternating current and voltage, 50% higher than the nominal value. A parking under short-circuit current, which is able to withstand such an engine - at least ten seconds! The average value of efficiency during normal operation has been fixed at 96%.

Summing up all the tactical and technical characteristics of three-phase motors with mixed excitation, enhanced coil-type "Slavyanka", you can come to the conclusion that such devices are in most cases run without the need for frequency regulators. And together with the frequency converter can give stable performance even under constantly changing load and regular voltage drops. Such installations are relevant indicators of state standards of fire safety and a high level of protection of people against electric shock. Attaching the magnetic field on the teeth optimum sinusoidal winding "Slavyanka" improves virtually all baseline propulsion systems of this type. The company has a license to carry out the modernization of electric motors at "Slavyanka" technology and is a member of a self-regulating society enterprises engaged in repair of electric motors - NP "Elektroremont".


г. Москва,
Нижегородская ул., д. 70, корп. 2
Новоостаповская ул., д. 5, стр. 2
тел: +7 (499) 110-07-29
e-mail: info@radprom.ru
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