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In the food and chemical industry, gdedlya packaging products used tin containers, the question seaming weld quality control is particularly acute. Poor quality double seam entails a violation of the integrity of the packaging. Inside the sealed container is leaking air accumulates, which leads to a decrease in the shelf life of the packaged product, creates a favorable environment for the development of putrefactive bacteria and parasites, promotes the violation of certain important chemical and physical properties of the contents.


Digital quality control system of rolling containers made of tin recommend "Radtehproekt" Science and Technology Bureau as an effective solution to determine the level of tightness and seam measurements. This system consists of a device KZSH-12.1, as well as the need to connect additional equipment: monitors, computers with Windows operating system, keyboard and computer mouse. To use also need a set of connecting cables.



The device displays the connected monitor image seam cross section of the test container, it allows measurements and record the data for later analysis and statistics.

Benefits of control KZSH-12.1

1. Operational data collection. In measuring spent less than one second. The time required for device configuration are not required.

2. Fully automated process. A certain set of functions, which when using other control devices is carried out manually, it becomes automatic. This condition significantly affects both the speed of the control measures, and on its accuracy: the use of the device eliminates the human factor and the possibility of inaccuracies.

3. The internal measurements. The measuring system requires no additional external dimensions, performing their own, and also capable of determining the internal dimensions of the joint rolling, for example, the area or diameter.

4. Measurement of containers of any shape. The device is equipped with a special device sample preparation, which allows measurements to prepare the seam tin can of any shape without changing microprojector settings.

5. High precision and image quality.

6. The ability to archive the data for subsequent analytical processing.

The above advantages of the device causes a number of positive changes in the overall production process: reduced time and labor for quality control, significantly reduced the percentage of defects of the goods. In addition, the use of this product allows for more efficient splanirovat production, as well as early detection of incorrect work of rolling equipment.


● Linear increase - at least 40 times.

● Required power mains - no more than 250 watts.

● Operating time - at least 8 hours with breaks of 60 minutes.

● Overview of the field of view - 6 * 5.5 mm.

● Display brightness - not less than 300 cd / m.

● Resolution - no less than 0.01 millimeters.

● Manufacturer - The Russian Federation.

● Manufacturer's warranty - 1 year.

г. Москва,
Нижегородская ул., д. 70, корп. 2
Новоостаповская ул., д. 5, стр. 2
тел: +7 (499) 110-07-29
e-mail: info@radprom.ru
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