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The modern world has long can not live without a variety of electronic gadgets and devices. Such devices make the user's life more convenient, mobile and neobremenitelnoyennoy. However, to this statement is fully untrue, it should take into account the possibility of a smooth functioning of the electronic devices, in particular, the timely charge their batteries. Unfortunately, while on a trip, a public place or at a variety of other circumstances, the user can face the fact that the device is not able to work and carry out its functions due to a low battery level, and the opportunity to make up no charge. In such a case would be indispensable wireless charger Powell.

The principle of operation of the wireless charging system

Powell charging system consists of two components: the base station and the receiving device. Each of the components of a miniature resonating element is mounted, which create their own electromagnetic field excites the resonating element in the second device. In the receiving cavity of the electromagnetic field is converted into an electrical current, which feeds and charge the phone or battery.




The main advantages of using:


● The ability to use this charger for any model

and configuration of the mobile device.

● Easy connection charge and charge the device.

● Lightweight, compact, mobile.

● Lack of bare electric socket.

● The absence of wires and cables with during use.

● possibility of simultaneous charging of two or more batteries.

● Full safety and environmental friendliness to the user and the environment

by using the operation safe deionized


● Completely autonomous operation of the device - in the correct transfer of energy is not

even affect foreign objects are on the device.

● Ability to use a transmitter charging unit in Powell

separate stationary housing, and as a board which can be

mount even in the surrounding furnishings: desktop, wall,

equipment and so on. d.



● A wireless charging Energy efficiency is more than 70%.

● The transmission of information and energy carried out simultaneously.

● The required operating frequency is adjusted automatically.

● Complies with international standards developed by the consortium


● Monitors the level of charging.

● The maximum effective distance between the modules: 20 mm.

● Voltage indicator at the inlet: 220

● Voltage Indicator Output: 5V

● Power: 10 watts.

● Oscillation frequency in the absence of modulation: 150 kHz. Wireless Charger Powell device - a competent, scientifically developed solution to the problems of modern man. This equipment with small dimensions and very inexpensive, simple operation, performs a complex of useful functions needed by modern society. Technology moves forward, move in step with progress and you!


г. Москва,
Нижегородская ул., д. 70, корп. 2
Новоостаповская ул., д. 5, стр. 2
тел: +7 (499) 110-07-29
e-mail: info@radprom.ru
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