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High-temperature superconductors are called products, sposobnyesverhprovodimosti electrical current at relatively high temperature values. second-generation superconductors were first discovered in nachaledvadtsat first century, since then and to this day they are a significant part of the scientific and technical progress. Products found wide application in microelectronics, as well as in the production of instruments and equipment for medical, industrial, and other purposes of measurement. 

Band superconductors

These devices have a layered structure: a base layer is stainless steel or nickel-tungsten alloy. On top of the conductor applied ceramic coating, but because of the difference in the crystal lattice structure of the device requires additional layers otherwise will delaminate ceramics. Additional layers are of special oxides. Only such a complex and painstaking superconductor device allows to achieve the required mechanical, physical and chemical parameters of the operation.

The main scope of the second-generation superconductors belt type can be considered a different current-limiting devices used in various types of elektrotehnicheskomoborudovanii. products also find wide application in the current input devices in large scale magnetic systems.

In the future - introduction of high-temperature superconductors in various sectors of utilities, housing and domestic economy, including the structure of the power lines. Modern scientists are developing technologies to improve and reduce the cost of cooling superconductor elements and other nuances that limit is widespread productive use of these devices.

The properties of superconducting products:

● Critical power of electric current from fifty amperes, but not more than 240 amperes.

● The temperature of the superconducting transition: 77 89 K.

● Size range: width of four to twelve millimeters (standard - 4, 6, 12 mm) length - up to several hundred meters.

● Substrate options: magnetic and non-magnetic.

● The range of the captured magnetic field from nine tenths to one-tenth of the whole of one tesla.

● Block type: one textured (4 * 4 * 1.5 cm), two (6.4 * 3.2 * 1.3 cm) and trehdomennye (6.4 * 3.2 * 1.3 cm) et al., cylindrical or parallelepiped shape.

A characteristic hallmark of HTS-2 is the lack of resistance, so that the loss of electricity during the current transport through the conductors practically come to naught. In addition products are compact and convenient size, which as tools to improve data and new developments become even smaller and more functional.

For modern science, invention superconductivity elements was a real significant breakthrough. Today conducted important research in physics and chemistry on the data devices, as well as lots of activities, designed to increase the availability of superconductors and expanding their scope. Company "Radtehproekt" always keeps pace with the progress, but because our clients have access to the latest and useful innovations in science and technology.

г. Москва,
Нижегородская ул., д. 70, корп. 2
Новоостаповская ул., д. 5, стр. 2
тел: +7 (499) 110-07-29
e-mail: info@radprom.ru
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