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Technical and commercial proposals

 1. General information.

1.1. "NTB Radtehproekt" offers:
And sale and joint production for general purpose hose execution gamma flaw class P "UNIGAM P", corresponding to international standards and rules of the IAEA to be certified as the packaging type B (U) at the current time.
-development, Design, manufacture and supply of gamma-ray sources and accessories for industrial radiography using in "UNIGAM P".
1.2. The equipment is designed for radiographic testing of welds and the responsible units of thermal power equipment for general industrial use with application of ionizing radiation sources based on radionuclide Selenium-75 and iridium-192, as well as for the transport of these sources to the maximum effective activity 120 Ci (4.44 TBq) on iridium-192 and to 200Ki (7.4 TBq) by Selena-75.
1.3. "UNIGAM P" distinguishing parameters are:
-Material Radiation protection head - tungsten alloy;
-Panoramnoe And front candling products;
A compact and light weight (20 kg) of radiation of the head;
-No Need for power sources and the possibility of moving the source in ampuloprovode considerable distances make this flaw very comfortable to work in the field, remote and cramped conditions.
1.4. Safety of operation "UNIGAM P" is achieved through the introduction of:
-shestiurovnevoy lock from accidental use;
-tsvetovoy display.
Key lock and display devices:
Tricolor-instrument equipped with a mechanical alarm modes ( "Storing AI" - green, "Ready to move AI source" - yellow, "Radiation" - red in color).
-In Radiation head there are six kinds of locks from unauthorized access or misuse of ionizing radiation source.
-For Transport and recharge sources of gamma flaw in the field are produced and used three-way Freight Scratch containers in which there are six kinds of locks against unauthorized access to or use of ionizing radiation sources.

1.7. Biological protection units "UNIGAM P" made in the sealed design that prevents contact of material of biological protection to the environment.

2. Technical data.

2.1. The radiation source based radionuklida-
       Selenium-75 (Se75) - act. 200Ki,
       Iridium-192 (Ir192) - act. Key 120;
2.2. Protection Material - Tungsten Alloy-95 residence permit;
2.3. Moving source for ampuloprovodu:
      horizontal - up to 13 m,
      vertical - up to 4 m;
2.4. Possible lifting height AI source - up to 7 meters (9m);
2.5. Weight radiation head - to 19.7 kg;
2.6. Overall dimensions - 310h170h227 mm;
2.7. Operating temperature range - from -50 to 50 
2.8. Lifetime - 50,000 cycles for an unlimited period of operation;
2.9. A view of the construction certificate - B (U);
2.10. The optimal range of controlled thicknesses of metal (steel), mm:
      - Se75 - 5-30,
      - Ir192 - 10-60;

2.13.Varianty execution of gamma flaw "UNIGAM P"


Decimal number

Maximum source activity, TBq (Ci)

Weight, kg
UNIGAM Ir120 Se200 P eI.1.570.252 Ir-192 Se-75 19,7
4,44 (120) 7,4   (200)

3. Exterior protection unit, Auxiliary equipment.
3.1. The device of the indoor unit of biological protection "UNIGAM P"

3.2. Accessories:

Transport container sources.

Container transport and refill three-channel. Appearance:

Container transport and refill three-channel.
An open channel with the source holder:

3.3. Container security for the three-channel KTP












3.4. Remote Control

3.5. collimator universal

3.6. Multilink holder radionuclide radiation source

The warranty period of the equipment

No. Name quantity Guaranteed lifetime
1 Radiation head "UNIGAM P" 1 50,000 cycles without limitation life
1.1 Remote Control 1 10 years / 25,000 cycles
1.2 collimator versatile 1 10 years
1.3 source holder 1 10 years
2 Accessories    
2.1 States 1 2 years
2.2 Tip №1 1 2 years
2.3 Tip №2 1 2 years
2.4 Tip №3 1 2 years
2.5 Adapter Technical 1 2 years
2.6 Shaft Technology 1 2 years
2.7 Extension of the collimator L = 500mm 1 2 years
2.8 Extension of the collimator L = 300mm 1 2 years
2.9 The liner simulator (source) 1 800 cycles
2.10 Bushing transitional 1 2 years
2.11 Bushing (for the connection of flexible hoses) 2 2 years
2.12 Bushing (for connecting a flexible hose with rad. Head s) 1 2 years
2.13 cap 6 2 years
2.14 Flexible Hose 3m 1 2 years
2.15 Flexible Hose 5m 2 2 years
2.16 Container security (for WP) 1 5 years
2.17 Container security (to KTP) 1 5 years
2.18 Container KTP (three channel) eI.3.4
Ir-192 450  Se-75 600
1 5 years
2.19 Hose gibkiy1,5m (for recharging) 1 2 years
2.20 The source holder in QFT eI6.152.710 1 800 циклов
2.21 Tool set for recharging in the KTP 1 800 cycles
2.22 Packing containers 1 disposable


г. Москва,
Нижегородская ул., д. 70, корп. 2
Новоостаповская ул., д. 5, стр. 2
тел: +7 (499) 110-07-29
e-mail: info@radprom.ru
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